A Call for Fans to Reclaim 2Pac's Legacy

How to Get Involved

The state of 2Pac's Legacy is in disrepair. The Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts has been shut down, and Tupac's vision for the community has been all but forgotten. The post-humorous releases were slapped together, fought over projects that ultimately only served one purpose — to make money for corporations that never cared about Tupac. The film was under-developed. No closure for the fans. No perpetuation of his message. No respect shown to his music — much of which just sits gathering dust in some storage container. And sadly, there's no hope on the horizon that Tupac's legacy may start being handled with respect and passion again.

So we've come up with a plan ...

We intend to buy the unreleased Tupac Shakur music catalog. You heard us right. We want to buy the remaining music, and release all of the OGs and unheard masterpieces to the fans, directly, no corporate bullshit, no hidden agenda, just 2Pac.

Along the way we want to raise money for charities that ‘Pac would have supported, and begin making a change in the world in Tupac's name.

How? We've launched TupacCoin, a cryptocurrency we're using to raise money to purchase the estate. At the same time, 3% of all coins traded are donated to a blockchain verified wallet, which we then donate to charities every month. Another 2% is redistributed back to the community, meaning if you own TupacCoin, your balance will continue to grow, and the value of the coin will too increase. We've already had an amazing start!

We encourage you to join us on our quest to reclaim 2Pac's legacy.

Here are ways you can get involved:

Help Re-Build the Community

Join us on the Message Forum or on Discord. Reach out to others and get them involved. Help track down former members of the community.

Buy TupacCoin ($TUPAC)

Every transaction on the Tupac block-chain donates to charity and drives value that increases the coins market-cap, generating funds toward purchasing the estate.

Offer Your Skills and Time

The information we collected in our old archives, news and forum databases, is the largest collection of real-time Tupac information ever assembled. We intend to use this information to create defacto information with regard to Tupac's legacy.

We're looking for programmers, writers, marketers, video/music producers, graphic designers, or any other assistance you have to offer.

Generate Awareness

Whether you have a website or social media following of your own, or are active in those of others, help spread the call to Tupac fans to join the cause.

A History Representing Tupac

From 1995-2004, HitEmUp.com served as the Unofficial Official Tupac site. The goal has always been "keeping Tupac's Message and Legacy alive in the realest way possible, while carrying on his message and drive for change."

While site founders Jon Peters and Michael Chmielewski went on to successful careers in tech, for over a decade they've contemplated ideas on how and what we could do to relaunch and continue this purpose.

We're excited to launch this initiative and invite you to be a part of it.

Frank Alexander - HitEmUp.com
— Big Frank (RIP)