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Symbol Update ($2Pac vs $Tupac)

We have received legal counsel about the use of the token symbol 2PAC, which is a registered trademark held by Universal Music Group.

There was concern that profits could be subject to a lawsuit under the "proceeds of crime" law if UMG decided to act, potentially affecting not only our plan to purchase the Tupac music catalog but also the charities we support along the way.

Not wanting to jeopardize our long-term mission, or expose the community and charities we want to support, we have opted to re-launch TupacCoin with the symbol $TUPAC, which is not a trademark and therefore does not pose the same risk.

We have redeployed TupacCoin and have airdropped all wallets holding the previous $2PAC coin the equivalent of $TUPAC, and redeployed the Liquidity Pool at twice the value it held yesterday at our own expense.

Please update your wallets with the new address 0x426e1e0276dc69a184705d81707b763d2474594f and use this link to purchase TUPAC in the future.

Everything else, especially our mission and dedication to the community, remains the same.

Thank you for your understanding.

A History Representing Tupac

From 1995-2004, HitEmUp.com served as the Unofficial Official Tupac site. The goal has always been "keeping Tupac's Message and Legacy alive in the realest way possible, while carrying on his message and drive for change."

While site founders Jon Peters and Michael Chmielewski went on to successful careers in tech, for over a decade they've contemplated ideas on how and what we could do to relaunch and continue this purpose.

We're excited to launch this initiative and invite you to be a part of it.

Frank Alexander - HitEmUp.com
— Big Frank (RIP)