You’re probably sick of answering this in every interview, but for the record, how did you hook up with Pac back in the day?
Fatal: Cause Kadafi and Pac were brothers and me and Kadafi were cool as hell in the hood and shit. He told me Pac was his brother and I didnt believe him. But a couple of years later I went him Kadafi to see Pac in jail.

What was it like working with Pac in his final year?
Fatal: Working with Pac was alright cause he’s like a movie star and all that other shit so I felt I was like a movie star thats how I was living.

When Pac got shot in Vegas how did the news get to you?
Fatal: Kadafi called me on the phone from a cell when it happened. I was out in Jersey cause I had to go back to court.

After Pac passed away Outlawz signed with Death Row and you ended up going to Relativity, why didnt you go with them over to Death Row?
Fatal: Cause Kadafi got killed, one of my mans cousins killed Kadafi. One of Napolean’s cousins killed Kadafi by mistake. So when Kadafi got killed, it wasnt like I was beefing with them niggas because of that. I didnt wanna stay over there (Death Row) cause Pac was gone and then Kadafi got killed and I didnt wanna be on no rap shit no more. I just quit and went back home.

Your new album is on Rap-A-Lot, how did you get down with them?
Fatal: Cause I heard the Outlawz was gonna sign a record deal with them after they got off Death Row or whatever so I called down there and everything seemed to check out right about them so I sent them a CD and they brought me down there. I found out Outlawz weren’t gonna sign with them, but I signed anyway.

What separates this new album from your debut solo album?

Fatal: The first album I didn’t wanna touch on certain subjects like Pac getting murdered, Kadafi, and my release and shit. I didn’t really wanna answer nobody’s questions and thats what everyone wanted to hear, thats what people were expecting from me. I came out on some bogus shit, trying to be on some street shit. Niggas weren’t really accepting that shit, I didn’t have enough shit on there like about Pac and shit and no Outlawz.

There were rumored to be tension between you and Outlawz based around their song “Loyalty”, is everything cleared up with you guys now?

Fatal: I dont know, about that song.. Ive never really heard the song but people were talking to me about it and I mean thats just a song. Theres a lot of people out there that that song could have been about or could relate to. But they straight up told me it wasn’t about me then as far as Im concerned it wasn’t about me. I dont got no problems with them niggas, they my niggas.

Is there any chance that you guys will all go in the studio together and drop a real Outlawz album with all you guys on it?
Fatal: Yeah man, we about to do one. Everybody caught up in the media they dont know whats up. We about to do a Outlaw album.

What was the last song you recorded with Pac?
Fatal: The very last song I did with Pac.. hmmm I dont even fucking no son, I cant even answer that. I dont even remember the first song we did together.

You put out a Jerzey Mob compilation a few months back, what separates your version from the one Outlaw Recordz dropped?
Fatal: Look. With that Jerzey Mob shit, when I got locked up I started seeing ads and shit for the Jerzey Mob, the Outlawz were putting out this Jerzey Mob shit. I didnt know nothing about that shit when I was locked up. When I came home I found out that the Jerzey Mob was like a couple of my peoples from Montclair. It was only my niggas it was some of my niggas and some of Napolean’s niggas. Cause we were the only niggas from Jersey so Jersey mob couldnt be anybody else but niggas from Jersey. It was some of us and some of them. I didnt have nothing to do with it even tho they was some of my boys. Some way or another someone got jerked, I dont know what happened or the story or all that but shit didnt work out. So when I came home I started hearing all this Jerzey Mob shit up in my hood. My niggas was forming some shit about Jerzey Mob. So they asked me to get down with it and host the tape. Some niggas didnt feel like the first Jerzey Mob (Outlaw Recordz version) went right. Theres really no difference in their Jerzey mob and ours, the only difference is music, its all Jerzey Mob.

What do you think about the Pac songs coming out on the last two double CDs he dropped (Better Dayz and Until The End Of Time) do you think the songs should have been re-produced like they were and had people taken out and others added in etc Do you think they should edited like that or do you think they should be released as you guys recorded them?

Fatal: I understand why they are being remixed but I dont agree with the shit. I think the shit should be put out the way we recorded it cause if you change the beat of a some shit this nigga already recorded then the vibe is gonna be different cause he wasnt feeling that beat that way and that day and thats your (the new producers) feelings on his vocals so its not gonna really come out the same. I just feel like they should have left the shit the same. As far as taking me off shit I dont really give a fuck cause I dont need nobody to be making records cause I can do that shit myself.

What are some of the songs you did with Pac, not the bootleg shit, but the other songs that ended up being released and had your vocals taken off? And were the original versions that you were on better in your opinion than the ones released?
Fatal: Yeah, all of the shit, everything they took me off of sounded better than the shit they released. I was on all of them, damn near the whole 2pac and Outlawz album all that shit. I was on all that shit but they took me off. Even some shit that just came out on Better Dayz I was on that shit but they took me off. Thats just them doing them, I cant really get mad at that shit cause thats them doing their business But I feel like, dont take me off of nothing and putting on a nigga my man was dissing, cause thats some stupid shit. Thats some silly shit, taking me off something then putting a nigga on there that was going at it with my man when we was alive. I dont got no problem with anybody, Im just saying that shit is corny as hell.

Do you have anything to say about rappers these days using Pac’s beats and some taking his styles and shit?
Fatal: I dont care about that cause they probably like the nigga (Pac). Its like impossible for me to be mad at somebody thats really a fan of Tupac’s just cause I was his close friend. I cant get mad cause somebody likes him. Im not a hater. If you like him and you wanna rap like him and the crowd accepts that then do it. It aint up to me to let you do it or not, I dont give a fuck what you do.

You mentioned the album with Outlawz you guys are gonna do, what other projects are you working on at the moment?
Fatal: My album dropped today, this new shit. But the shit… its aiight I mean I did it in 99 and I guess they just put it out just to be putting it out. I start on my next album in February though. Its gonna be with Rap-A-Lot, but its a surprise, I really cant say nothing right now. Y’all will probably hear about it in the next couple of weeks.

Is there anything you wanna say before we put at end to this interview?
Fatal: Just pick up the album, I didnt even know they was putting it out. I didnt know what cover looked like or anything til my man called me and said he bought my album over at Sam Goody so I guess the shit it out, just go where ever you go and order the shit and tell them you want it.

That’s it, good lookin’ out Mike.