“I’m anti-social immortal when it come to the vocals/Jersey them niggaz down and won’t approach em til it’s time to smoke em/Hussein the terrorist, nigga they think I’m crazy and creepy/And as we speak they try to find me therapist/Rapid fire I clap and hire till you die a liar/Strap intact hittin’ corners dropped didn’t want to spin the tires” – Runnin on E

Operator: You have an AT&T collect call, caller at the tone, please say your name.
Fatal: Fatal.
Operator: Will you accept charges?
HitEmUp: Yeah.
Operator: Thank you for using AT&T.

Fatal: Jon.
HitEmUp: Hey Fatal.
Fatal: What’s up?
HitEmUp: Not much, how’s it going man?
Fatal: Aight, did you check it out, see if it’ll work
HitEmUp: Yeah, it’s working right now.
Fatal: Oh yeah.
HitEmUp: Yeah.
Fatal: So what’s up?

HitEmUp: Hahaha, not much, how’s life been going for you for the past couple years?
Fatal: I mean, shit been up and down, I wanna say it was alright, but uh, I managed to live through it, managed to get through it the best way I knew how, tough times wasn’t, you know, nothing knew to me, so I just got through it man.  I had to keep my head up.

HitEmUp: For sure.  Fans have been waiting on your album for a long time now, when do you expect the album to drop?
Fatal: Well right now, it was supposed to come out in 2000.
HitEmUp: Yeah, June 16.
Fatal: It was supposed to come out June 16, 2000, but uh, I got locked up and shit, in 99, in the tip of 99 I got locked up, actually I wanted the album to come out while I was locked up, but Rap-a-lot was like naa, you know what I mean, we don’t want to drop it because you ain’t gonna be able to promote it, so it didn’t come out.  But now I’m looking for uh, I’m supposed to be getting out probably next month.
HitEmUp: Oh really?
Fatal: Yeah, in August so… I’m looking to put it out.

HitEmUp: You got any idea when it might come out?
Fatal: Probably 2002, maybe the summer, I don’t know exactly when, but definitely 2002.

HitEmUp: What label is it going to be released on?
Fatal: Rap-a-lot .

HitEmUp: Yeah, who’s going to produce on it, I’m assuming it’s mostly ready to go.
Fatal: Producers I got uh, I got Kee, he from Jersey, he’s from Urbanton New Jersey, I got Mike D producing it, Quim from the Outlawz producing it, I got different pro, Johnny J who did Makaveli, Hurt Em Bad, he worked on Makaveli, a lot of different people.

HitEmUp: New Child gonna be on the album?
Fatal: Oh yeah, on the rhyme tip I got New Child, uh Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Scarface, the Outlawz, couple people … Lil Mo.

HitEmUp: New Child, is he an official Outlaw member now? I know you hooked up with him in Jersey.
Fatal: See this is what happened, this is how New Child, see, I made New Child an official Outlaw.  Cause it was like, when I met the dude, you know I wasn’t at my best and he had that Outlaw thinking, the Outlaw mind and he was getting into my head like, listen man, we gotta do what we gotta do man, most of all, you gotta do what you gotta do, cause if you don’t do what you gotta do then this whole thing, this whole thing gonna fall man, and we can’t let it fall, Pac stood for too much to let it fall, I mean, he wasn’t talking bad on the Outlawz but you know, they wasn’t getting it done, they wasn’t like, you know they was just living in California and that was that, like you ain’t hear no noise from them, it wasn’t on record, or nothing like that.  Basically they wasn’t getting it done, so New Child came to me, and when he came to me it was like a blessing, like a blessing from God, like God just sent me this angel, and he just picked me up from out of no where man, took me like, right off the streets man and just had me know I had to do what I had to do, like motivated me, spiritually, and it was like, I was like, cool, I was in the studio like, I would sit back and listen to the songs, whether I did them solo, or whether I did them with New Child, whether I did them with Scarface, or whether I did it with the Outlawz, I just sit there and be like, whoa.  This is, this is serious man, and I gotta thank this guy, New Child, who came to me, and really was feeling me, who could talk to me like that and really uplift my spirits so I could get out there and do what I had to do.  So yeah, he is definitely an official Outlaw man.

HitEmUp: When you think of Tupac and the time that you spent with him.  You were extremely blessed to get the opportunity to work with him.  What ‘s your favorite memory, what comes to mind?
Fatal: My favorite memory, my favorite memory was like … I don’t have just one favorite one, cause everything we used to do together was like, everything we used to do together was out of control, everything was like, everything was like a bad case of, they was like the fastest years I ever had in my life, the funnest years I’m probably ever going to have.
HitEmUp: Yeah.
Fatal: But I can’t just pin-point just one favorite time.
HitEmUp: Just think about getting crazy, laughing together, that sort of thing.
Fatal: Yeah.
HitEmUp: Yeah.
Fatal: Like every, like every part of the day, I don’t care if it was waking up at 5:00 in the morning and going to the movie set, or if it was falling asleep at the movie set, and waking up in the studio right after that, you know what I mean.  Everything we did, it was like, everything we did it was just fun.  It was like an amusement park forever when you was with Tupac.  Like nothing.  The funny thing about it was we was at work.  You know, if work could be this fun, everybody wanna work.  It was like damn, it was like, this nigga, this nigga off the hook man, I ain’t never going back home.
HitEmUp: For sure.

HitEmUp: You were said to be kind of Tupac’s lieutenant and nobody really knows what kind of plans he had for Makaveli Records and how he was going to break away and do that.  It’s been said that uh, he was going to leave Deathrow and do it apart from Deathrow and that the 100’s of songs he recorded just before he died was to make Suge happy that he was leaving, to make him content.  Is that the case?  Is there anything you can give us on Makaveli Records.
Fatal: He definitely had a plan to start his own record label, but see, Suge was going to distribute the record label, so it would have been Makaveli slash Deathrow.  So the songs that Pac did, it wasn’t like, it wasn’t like oh I’m doing this to get Suge off my back or I’m doing this to give him three albums and then I’m going to bounce, na.  He was just doing the music, like, whether he was going to use them for Deathrow, use them and give them to Suge until his three albums is up, and then negotiate and Pac could use them for Makaveli.  You know, cause either way Suge was getting money for the records, it didn’t matter.  He was getting money whether it was going to be on Makaveli Records or whether it was going to be on Deathrow Records.  Either way he was making a big lump sum of money of them, so it didn’t really matter, what he was doing the songs for, or who he was doing the songs for, he was just doing the songs just to keep busy, just keeping hitting people in the head with these hardcore records, the shit that real niggas wanna hear.  And he knew, to be on top, you gotta stay 10 steps ahead of these other niggas, these other rappers, whether they from New York, whether they from the west coast, it didn’t matter where they was from.  You gotta stay on top of that, you gotta stay 10 steps ahead these niggas.  And the way we was hitting the studio, it was like, c’mon, nobody else stood a chance of making more records or more songs than Tupac and the Outlawz, it was no way possible a person could even make that many records, in the time span that we was making them.

HitEmUp: Do you have any plans to join Outlaw Recordz?
Fatal: Na.
HitEmUp: Your content with Rap-a-lot.
Fatal: Right now, I got no plans to, I don’t have no plans to join Outlaw Recordz, they my people, they my lil’ niggas, but I ain’t, it’s like, they business wise, I’m gonna let them do them and I gotta do me, because they’re not looking for the same thing that I’m looking for, as far as money wise, you know what I’m saying.  They can be easily side tracked sometimes, and they not really sure about what they wanna do and time is just wastin’.  It’s like, they wasn’t even supposed to join with Deathrow Records, and that was the whole purpose, that’s why I wasn’t with them in the first place.  Pac told us 150 times, don’t sign with Deathrow, I don’t want y’all signing to Deathrow.  Niggas used to wake up asking like, damn, when we gonna sign the contract.  Me, I was just happy as hell that I was with Tupac, I was being on TV with Tupac, and I was being on Tupac’s tapes, I didn’t care if I did a record, I didn’t care if I signed a contract, I didn’t even care if I got $10.  I was just happy as hell I was with Tupac, it didn’t matter to me.  But anyway, when Pac died, they did the thing that he told them not to do, and that’s the reason they got caught up the way they did.  Shit just happened man, shit just happened..  I said I wanna go home, and I just went home, I wasn’t trying to sign no contract with Suge.

HitEmUp: There’s a rumor you left the Outlawz, because of the killing of Kadafi.  Apparently it was Napoleon’s cousin, claimed it was an accident.
Fatal:  Me and Kadafi both left the Outla … we didn’t leave the Outlawz, I wouldn’t say we left the Outlawz, but we left California, now if you have to physically be in California to be an Outlaw, no I don’t know if that’s true.  If we all have to hang together in order to be an Outlaw, I doubt if that’s true.  So don’t nobody wanna be no where … I don’t even know how to catch the bus in California.  So when Pac died and Suge went to jail, I’m like, yo man, I’m going home, point blank.  I’m a grown man, I’m not going to be sitting in California where I don’t even know how to catch the bus to where I want to get to.  So I went home, me and Kadafi went home.  We went back to Jersey, blah-zay-blah.  Started from scratch, started hustling, selling drugs again or whatever and Napoleon, Napoleon of the Outlawz, so his cousin, Napoleon’s cousin and Kadafi was real cool.  But somehow, one thing, I don’t know what happened, my girl, I mean Kadafi’s girl and my girl, was best friends.  Kadafi told me he was going to his girl’s house, his girl called my girl on the telephone said Kadafi got shot.  I was like, call the fucking ambulance, blah-zay-blah.  So she call the ambulance, I get to the hospital and they tell me he shot in the head and he brain dead and all that shit and he was going to pay his last respects so look at him.  I just left the hospital because I didn’t want to see him on no respirator machine like that.  So yeah, that is why I left the Outlawz, because if this nigga, first of all, these niggaz, they done let Pac get shot right in front of them, I mean that’s basically saying everything we stood for, or everything we rapped for, the nigga trusted us, he put his life in our hands, everything we rapped for, everything we stood for ended when he got shot, that’s the reason he left Thug Life.  Cause he got shot.  So now, we an Outlaw, we in Las Vegas, he a hundred deep, looking for the Outlawz, they in Vegas running around, in a hotel with some bitches probably, and now he can’t find them.  So now, what he gotta do, he gotta risk his life, and risk his freedom, again, and fight this nigga who he don’t have no business rolling around in the dirt with.  Now he rolling around in the dirt with this nigga and they somewhere I don’t know what they doing, they somewhere doing some bullshit.  What should have happened was , Pac and Suge ain’t have no business being in the middle of that, and nobody would be dead and nobody would be locked up.  If they had some real souljahs that was there to beat the nigga up.  So I say if Pac had some real souljahs to beat the nigga down, I know Suge did, but Pac didn’t have no business fighting.  And then, after the fight, it was up to them to ride in the car with him and protect him with they life.  It wasn’t no secret, that’s all we was there for and if niggas say we were there for something else then they lying.  We wasn’t there to be no fucking rap stars, we wasn’t there to be no movie stars.  We was there to hold Tupac down, whether it was rapping, or it was guns, whether it was with the mouth or whether it was by force.  And them niggas couldn’t do that, they fucked up, and that this nigga cousin, Napoleon’s cousin gon’ come to New Jersey he gon’ put a gun to Kadafi’s head, and kill Kadafi and say it was by mistake. Whether it was by mistake or whether it was for real the outcome is the same, you killed my man.  So yeah, now I’m gonna try to kill you.  And now these niggaz wanna keep calling me every five minutes, Fatal yo, it wasn’t like that, it wasn’t like that,it wasn’t like that, nigga he killed him, no matter what happened, he killed him, oh, and y’all saying it wasn’t like that, then it’s on with y’all too then.  And that’s how the Outlawz became like this, that’s how come I’m staying on.  That’s how the Outlawz got like this, that’s why I split up, that’s why they went the way they did and that’s why it’s like what it is now.

HitEmUp: Do you guys still plan to do some compilations?  Do you guys still talk?
Fatal: Oh yeah, we still talk.  We real cool.  We real cool.  Only time could have healed that, I mean, I know the nigga ain’t do it on purpose.  But like I said, if it was by mistake or whether it was on purpose, the outcome is the same, nigga he dead and you killed him.  So I just wanted to beat the nigga up, I mean when it first started yeah, I was trying to kill a nigga, I was trying to kill a nigga, I was riding on Napoleon’s block and all that trying to kill a nigga that done killed Kadafi.  But um, time went by, niggaz started talking and all that shit, Pac’s mother came to um, Pac’s mother came to Kadafi’s funeral without the Outlawz, had em stashed at a hotel somewhere, and I just started back talking to them, and so, I had to put that shit aside, because it was time to get money.

HitEmUp: Speaking of Tupac’s mother, she wouldn’t allow you to release MOB on your album.  We’re wondering why your verses were removed from Still I Rise.  We were wondering what that was about and if you were going to be involved in the upcoming Tupac LP.
Fatal: As far as the Still I Rise album, the Still I Rise album it did good.  But, I mean what fans tell me when they write me is, I should have been on the album.
HitEmUp: I think everybody would agree with that yeah.
Fatal: I mean, it didn’t make no sense that I was removed from the album.  When I confronted the Outlawz about that,  they said it was Pac’s mother that took me off the album.  Ok, it was cool, because I still got paid on the album, I still got credit, you know.  I still got credits on the album, but the real reason I think they did that was money, money situations because even though I originally wrote the songs, by them being on the songs, they be coming to the splits with me.  They start getting percentages off of songs with me, so they erased my vocals off, the album did good, but now you see they put out the, um, the Until the End of Time album and all of a sudden I’m on that.  So if it was Pac’s mother who took me off the Still I Rise album, I’m wondering why she would put me on the next album.  So na, that ain’t got nothing to do with it, cause when Still I Rise came out, I wasn’t even signed to Rap-a-Lot.  I wasn’t doing shit when Still I Rise came out but hustling.  I wasn’t doing nothing, so.  And, and, the word on the street was, see I got the word from Cali, cause I got some homies in Cali, that they was doing the album they selves.  That’s where all that mixed up feeling shit come in.  I ain’t got time to be dealing with feelings and emotions man, we grown men and this shit right here is about money man.  It ain’t about, oh you wanna leave, and you wanna do this.  This shit is about money, point blank.  And if you dealing with feelings, only bitches got feelings when it come to niggas.  Niggas trying to kill me, yo who wants to talk about feelings, about a fucking tape, I don’t care about no rap songs or tapes and shit.

HitEmUp: Suge said that there was a Hit Em Up 3 which was, Tupac was pissed off with Snoop before he passed, I don’t tend to believe that..  I imagine if there was a Hit Em Up 3, you’d know about it, you’d be a part of it.  Can you confirm or deny that.
Fatal: Yeah, I got um, I got three words for that, it’s a big lie.

HitEmUp: How do you feel about Snoop working with Pac’s enemies, people Pac didn’t like, Jay-Z and so on.  How do you feel about that?  Would you ever work with these guys?
Fatal: I mean, alright, as far as Snoop, like, Snoop is a grown man, look, he can do what he wants, I don’t care what he do, it ain’t even up to me to judge what he doin or decide what’s going on.  Like I said, the connection between me, and anybody that was rapping on Deathrow, was Tupac.  So when Tupac died, I really didn’t give a fuck about none of them niggas, except for Suge.  Like, as far as caring, or as far as respecting them niggas.  I don’t give a fuck about none of them niggas except for Suge Knight.  So when Pac died, it was like, fuck all of them niggas.  I’m still cool with like, Daz, Nate Dogg and Suge’s boys they know who they is.  But as far as anybody else who was rapping, or even working for the label I don’t give a fuck about none of them niggas.  Just like they ain’t give a fuck about me.  I don’t care about none of that shit.

HitEmUp: If Jay-Z came up to you with some cash and said I want you to be on my next album, would you do it?
Fatal: Oh yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah, because, for the simple fact that, Jay-Z when I hear, like when I hear Jay-Z, you know when I hear him doing songs and shit,  I mean, the reason that Pac was dissing Jay-Z was nothing more than, you know, he just knew that Jay-Z was king of New York.  You know, him and Big.  Those two niggas was holding it down in New York.  And so, he coming at Big hard as hell and yet, Big ain’t saying shit.  Big ain’t saying shit, Big ain’t even trying to mention a nigga or nothing.  So now Pac, Pac on some shit like man these niggas don’t, this nigga ain’t wanna say nothing, that’s like a nigga not wanting to fight.  So lets fuck with this nigga.  So he shout Jay-Z out, no he calling Jay-Z out.  If you listen to Hit Em Up, on Hit Em Up, when Pac be blacking, da da da da da, Die Slow, Fuck You, then it cut off, then he come back on like, all you mother fuckers, die slow.  He originally said Jay-Z on that.  But I came in, I’m like, naa, Jay-Z don’t got nothing to do with it.  I told him this way back like na, not jigga, jigga don’t got nothing to do with it.  Then jigga was on the radio saying some slick shit.  That’s when I went back and I said yeah this nigga talking real slick and that’s when Pac started dissing him.  But ever since Pac died, the reason why I wouldn’t hold no grudge against Jay-Z is cause ever since Pac died, it’s like, you know, he kept it real, he kept it real with both sides, he never liked, talked down on Pac or disrespected Pac in no kind of way.  Everything he’s saying, it’s like he’s still uplifting Pac, he’s still shouting Pac out.  It’s like, he ain’t talking down on a nigga no kind of way and he never did.  You know, even if a nigga, if a nigga diss me, I’m gonna diss him back I don’t care what happens.  But um, Jigga was like you know he felt the need that, there was never, it was never a problem like that, so it didn’t bother him that much and the man was dead, so I don’t got nothing to say about that, I’ma just leave that alone and if I do say something it’s not going to be bad it’s going to be something good or something positive and he always kept it real, like that, that’s how come I respect him.

HitEmUp: What do you think about Eminem?  He’s been talking about Pac so much, so many times it’s unbelievable, what do you think about him mentioning Pac so much?
Fatal: I mean, Eminem to me is like a mixed up white boy with a lot of, a lotta rap skills, and he really don’t know how to, he really don’t know how to use his skills or really don’t know how to get out what he really wants to say cause he thinks he’s gonna cross somebodies boundaries cause it’s a lot of, you know black dudes in the industry and him being white it’s kind of hard for him.  So he really don’t know what to say, I mean, the lyrics come out the nigga he can spit hard as hell.
HitEmUp: Oh yeah.
Fatal: Uh, he can spit real hard, you know, and slow and everything, I like him as a rapper whether he white, black, purple or green, you know, so, the dude can spit.  And I think, you know, most of the time when I hear him mention Pac, I don’t see it as a dis, and if I did, then I would see him like, I’m not the type, I’m tired of dissing niggaz on raps man, I, I just see a joker physically if I felt that they was talking down on Tupac.  I’d just see him physically instead of go at him on records cause that shit got real corny after Pac died.

HitEmUp: How do you feel about Shyne’s run in with the lawz and him getting ten years.
Fatal: Well, uh, that’s on him I mean, when you do things, then you gotta pay for them.  I got caught, I got bagged up, I’m locked up I’m at the end of mine now.  He got locked up, he gotta handle that.  He should have known he was fucking with Puffy and Puffy ain’t gonna take the wait for nobody and Puffy definately ain’t gonna shoot nobody so by him shooting those people over Puff, you know, that was real stupid and that was really stupid of him.  I mean, I don’t wish nobody in jail, but in time, that was a person I wish I definately could have hooked up with, did a song with, cause I feel like we both got the same, change within him, as far as the streets, when I listen to the niggas songs, I mean, I don’t got his tape or nothing, but the songs that I listened to and hear em on, I really feel em.  It’s like a shame he had to go back to jail for shooting a nigga, or for shooting at people you know for Puff Daddy.  And Puff Daddy would have never in 20 million years did it for him.

HitEmUp: We think Puffy sold him to save himself.  What do you think?
Fatal: Puffy what?
HitEmUp: Puffy sold him on the stand.
Fatal: Oh yeah.  Puffy’s a bitch.  He was born a bitch ass nigga man, and when you born a bitch your always gon’ be a bitch.  If Shyne was ever listening to Tupac, which I know he was, you know, he made the first mistake by rolling with the nigga it wasn’t nothing, you know, everybody want money, everybody wanna take that next step, so for signing with him was cool but you roll with a nigga like that man and once you signed man, you got a career in front of you man, your risking your career for this nigga right here.  And when you do he hoping you either get locked up or die and he can just make your records sell and get money off them.  So I think he got sidetracked and he sidetracked his thinking man and it fucked him up in the game.  And now he gotta do 8 years off some shit man, and that, that’s the shit.

HitEmUp: You’ve been through more in the last few years than Pac went through in 1994. In ’94 he was thinking about giving up rap all together.  Do you feel more or less motivated to rap now that you’ve been through all this?
Fatal: More motived now because I’m locked up.  I mean, there’s people out there that wish they could get locked up and stuff so they can get the rest that I got and wish they could be on the inside looking out at people you know.  You gotta realize there’s a lot of niggas out there slipping now, I ride past niggas you know they sitting out there on the corner with their little radios and shit like that, ride down another block and there’s 5-0 sitting right there looking dead at him and don’t got no knowledge of that.  I think I was blessed with this time, this little bit of time that I could sit back and think about what I want to do, you know, and get motivated and get back out there and put it down on tape the way I know that it’s supposed to be done.  You know, I think I got motivated.  It’s a struggle, you know, like I said, a struggle, the struggle ain’t nothing new to me.

HitEmUp: What ya gonna do when you get out of jail?
Fatal: I’m gonna by me a gun (Play of High Speed from Still I Rise).  Syke na.
Fatal: When I first get out man, I’m gonna chill out yo, I’ma chill out for a long time.  Spend some time with my son and my girl.  My girl, you know, she was holding it down for me since I been in here, and I really owe her a lot.  She was sticking by my side, right after Tupac died, I couldn’t even sleep or eat, I had insomnia for like 2 or 3 weeks.  And my girl, she was just right there for me, you know what I’m saying, she was right there for me.  I was on the edge of insanity when Pac died, you know, I hit rock bottom, point fucking blank.  I hit rock bottom, I was walking around high every day, no money, no nothing, robbing people.  Shit was fucked up, you know.  So I’m glad I didn’t get killed or, or kill nobody out there, and I think I owe that all to my girl.  After all man, I’m just gonna sit back, relax, think about what I wanna do, go over my plans that I made while I’m in here, and put it down …

HitEmUp: Focus on rap and stay out of the streets.
Fatal: Focus on rap and say out of the, I’m a be a real rapper, you can call me a studio gangsta now, I’m gonna be like Nasty Nas or Mobb Deep or something like that.
HitEmUp: Some how I doubt it.
Fatal: Those niggas don’t never break the fucking law, that son of a bitch.  Haha, word up.  Until the time come when uh, I ain’t really mad at niggas that are out there breaking the law but you know, hey, I done did that man, I already did that, it’s done man.  And them niggas, I heard on the internet there’s like a site, that say I’m an unofficial Outlaw, or some shit like that.  I mean, I am the Outlawz, point blank.  With a s on it, or a z, however they write the shit, that’s me.  I am the Outlawz, and as far as niggas whenever niggas says something about the Outlawz, whenever niggas mention the Outlawz, it was me stepping to these niggas live and in person, in New York.  It wasn’t them niggas in California, coming up here and stepping to niggas, it was me stepping to these niggas, I’m in Jersey 10 minutes away from New York, them niggas is in Cali, 3000 miles away, dissing niggas, I’m in Jersey, dissing these niggas and I’m going to New York, seeing these niggas: Yo what’s up?  Is it a problem or something?  What’s popping?  And niggas really don’t wanna do nothing, or say nothing, niggas is just bowing down to the Outlaw name because of me, I am the Outlawz, yo, I stand for that Outlaw shit.  It’s not, Outlawz is not having a gun in the house, under the bed.  You know, Outlawz is not, is not dissing niggas on records for ever and ever and never seeing them, in, in, in stepping to them niggas.  Outlawz is breaking the law, and, and I never wanted to break the law, so I can be an Outlaw, you know what I mean, I was breaking the law before them Outlaw shit even came into the picture.  So this Outlaw shit fit my criteria from the gate.  So for these niggas to say that I’m an unofficial Outlaw, I just want to know, what the fuck is them, what the fuck is they gone do when I come home.  That’s what I’m telling you, that some real live niggas, that you know, will be down for whatever.  It’s not about, you know, killing or nothing, but you do have to protect yourself.  I feel like if you have to kill a nigga to stay alive, then that’s 100% of what you gon’ have to do man.  You gotta get yourself some real live niggas, not just some niggas that gonna talk about it and when the time comes scream at the top of their fucking lungs and wish they could disappear.  Shit don’t happen like that.  Then niggas killed Pac right in front of them man.  Them niggas was right there when the shit happened and then six months later, they gonna get on the fucking record talking bout Pac I wish I was there when they shot you.  Mother fucker you wus there.  You were sitting right there, you ain’t even chase the fucking car down, they ain’t chase the car or nothing they just sat there and screamed at the top of their fucking lungs like some little fucking bitches.  And now I gotta sit up here in Jersey and hear over the fucking radio that this nigga got shot, and read in all kinds of magazines saying that they was looking for the fucking Outlawz and answer all this fan mail and shit and stick up for the same niggas that let him die.  Yeah I be sticking up for them cause they my niggas, they always gonna be my niggas until they feel otherwise, but you know it’s really something cause niggas can’t do nothing to me so I don’t worry about that type of shit, but they always gonna be my lil’ niggas.

HitEmUp: Is there anything you wanna comment on or let people know before I let you go?
Fatal: I just wanna say that um, my last album, it was you know, it wasn’t all that because I was going through a couple of things and I was rushing the album, but this album is gon’ be the shit.  It’s gonna be that real shit, it’s gonna be that Outlawz shit that everybody been missing since dog died.  So, I just want everybody to hold it down, I wanna let everybody know that I’m not going to let them down this time.  So please, pick up the album, pick two of them up on the strength.  I gotta make it happen this time man or it’s never gonna go down again. And that’s it.