Tell us about Novakane, who handles the production?

Kastro: Production wise we did Reef [whos in house], E.D.I, Mike D did a beat ,L.T Huddon did two beats, and floss P did a beat. And Quimmy Quim did the majority of the beats [thats in house]. It’s 13 songs, “Novakane,” it’s a beautiful thing.

What separates this album from your first album Ride Wit Us Or Collide Wit Us

Kastro: Its a whole different mood to this album, the last album was dark, kinda gloomy. This one kinda brighter and its not as serious, we just made a record, we went in the studio and made a record, it wasn’t a big deal.

A lot of people think the lyrics in the song “Loyalty” are addressed to Fatal, that true?

Kastro: Naw man, we ain’t addressing that to Fatal, that’s just a song that people should be able to relate too.

I know you guys were working on a compilation called Jersey Mob, is it still gonna be released?

Kastro: Yea sometime, maybe next year [2002], we had to pull it back cause of some inside issues, but we’re still gonna put it out. Middle of next year [2002].

Who all you got for that album?

Kastro: The album is finished we got the Hot Boyz on there, Rocc from Helta Skelta, we got us on there, we got Shaheim on there, Nu Child, it’s a whole bunch of people on there.

Can you tell us about the new Outlawz member, Nu Child?

Kastro: Yeah, I mean its like this with the Outlawz, we got love for anyone who got love from us. I met him a couple of times. Nu Childs a cool dude, Fatal brought him to the equation. If he feel as strong as he does feel about Pac then it’s a beautiful thing. This Outlawz thing, it ain’t all about us, it’s all about the community. Any thing that makes good for the community , and muthafuckas can do something positive I’m all for it. I’m gonna say yo just cause he say he a Outlawz he’s not. We grown ass men.

We know Suge and Afeni are releasing another new double from Pac soon and you guys will be all over it, can you tells any info about the album, song titles maybe?

Kastro: Naw I cant do that but its half way finished and its bangin, I can tell us this its got a song with Ron Isley on there, and its the bomb.

Whats up with Storm?

Kastro: I haven’t heard from her, but I hear she’s doing alright. She went her way and we went our way. I haven’t heard from her though.

What can we expect from Outlaw Records in 2002?

Kastro: 2002, we gonna put out four albums in 2002, 3 to 4 albums in 2002. You gonna definitely get the Noble solo, you gonna get the Napoleon, you gonna get the E.D.I and Kastro album spread out through the year. And the Jersey Mob album, so we gonna be more in heavy rotation. And another Outlaw album, so that’s five.

What was the last song you recorded with 2Pac?

Kastro: All Out

When we expect to see the video for “World Wide”?

Kastro: Shit, its going through a edit right now, maybe next week. At the most two weeks.

Whats the concept for the video?

Kastro: It was shot in Miami and basically like a pool party, regular fuckin video, man we didnt do nothin slick with it. Its a good video but its your regular fuckin pool party, that ol bullshit, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

What do you think about Daz releasing that bootleg of Pac material?

Kastro: Called what?

Makaveli & Dillinger

Kastro: Is the CD released yet?

Naw I think it’s dropping Christmas day.

Kastro: Oh well yea, he gonna have to holla about that.

A lot of fans feel 2Pac’s songs should be released as they were recorded, and not be re-produced and edited etc, how do you feel about the process in which the songs are released?

Kastro: Some of that shit had to produced. Shit happens. You know but if people feel like that its cool. You gotta understand people wanna remember Pac how they remembered him. Some of those songs were so heavily bootlegged. Niggas was playing them fuckin’ shits every morning when they wake up, every night before they go to bed, and the whole day while they out in the streets. So when it gets released, they hear a whole different song and it takes time to adjust to that. I understand that. But as far as changing the songs, so what? Its no big deal.

Before we wrap this up you wanna say anything to your fans out there checking this out?

Kastro: Yeah man we love em all, keep supporting Pac and keep supportin’ Outlawz and anybody else doin’ the real thing.