You guys have a DVD called “World Wide” in stores now, what can you tell those who haven’t seen it yet about it?

Napoleon: Basically this DVD is different than any other DVD your gonna see because you get to know us personally on this one. We didn’t just do the regular mellow out smoking bitch smacking shit like that. You get to know us personally, we get deep, we show you everything about us. We got allot of guest appearances on there like Fat Joe, Terror Squad, Fabolous, The Mobb Deep niggas, we squashed the beef with them niggas, we got Method Man, Kam, Alkaholics, Kurupt, we got a bunch of people on there. Its some different shit. When people look at this DVD their gonna say “Oh I never knew that about the Outlawz”.

How long did you guys end up filming for the DVD?

Napoleon: We already had allot of footage ourselves, but we did it over about 3 or 4 months.

Any plans to do another one later down the road?

Napoleon: Of course, we’re gonna see how this one does. If this one does good we’ll do more but try to make them different. We’re not gonna just shoot a DVD to shoot it and put out there to get money. We wanna do something good.

Do you guys have allot of footage from back in the days with Tupac?

Napoleon: Yeah but its not on this DVD (World Wide). Pac’s mom is putting out her own DVD with that footage.

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming solo album?

Napoleon: I’m working on my solo right now. I haven’t signed a deal cause I’m waiting on the best deal, I’m gonna take it major this time. Not gonna do it independently, I’m waitin on the deal. Its bananas, its on a whole different level. My fans are gonna appreciate this one, I took it to another level.

A while back Ice T made some comments saying that before Tupac passed away he got on his case because Pac had joined the Bloods, is it true Pac was in the Bloods?

Napoleon: Hell no man, I’m not gonna say fuck the man (Ice T) cause I don’t know if he said it but I know for a fact Ice T didn’t come at Pac bitching about that shit. He definitely didn’t do that. Nobody would walk up to Pac and disrespect him that way, I’m not gonna sit here and disrespect him but if Ice T said that, its a lie. He aint gonna talk to us like that, especially me, he’s out this mutha fuckin mind. He aint gonna talk to Pac like that either.

Fatal appears in the “World Wide” DVD, everything’s straight with him and you guys now?

Napoleon: Yeah everything’s cool, he family. Its all good, its always love with him. We just had our misunderstandings. He doing his thing, we’re doing our thing. We corrected him on what we thought he was wrong with.

Will he be on the next Outlawz group album?

Napoleon: You never know, you never know.

Tell us about the project you’re working on with Jayo Felony.

Napoleon: We got a album done together. Its gonna be coming out soon. Its hot. We might go ahead and do some more to keep it going like the Method Man Red Man type shit. Its coming out later on this summer though.

Daz Dillinger recently said on his website that he had a collection of songs by you guys that he produced and has plans to try and sell them back to you guys, is that a possibility?

Napoleon: If he’s trying to sell them back to us, maybe that can happen. It’s a possibility.

You guys always seemed to stay on good terms with Suge Knight, any chance you guys would work with his new artists like Crooked I?

Napoleon: That could definitely be a possibility because their aint no love lost with us and Suge. When we see him we speak and holla at each other so it could definitely be a possibility.

The new Tupac album was suppose to come out late last year but ended up getting pushed back, could you update us on the status of the album?

Napoleon: I’m not even sure man, I just know its coming out soon. Everybody keep you ears open and eyes open and watch out for it. It’ll be coming real soon.

Right after Tupac passed away a lot of bootlegs hit the streets, do you feel that helped you guys as far as promotion or did it hurt guys more cause it was taking money from you guys as well as Pac’s family?

Napoleon: I don’t think the bootlegs really hurt us because it kept us going. It kept our names out there. It kept it crackin’.

What can we expect from Outlaw Recordz this year?

Napoleon: You can expect Young Noble’s solo album, which is about to come out the 28th of this month. The Blood Brother, Edi and Kastro album, gonna drop the same day. You can expect Hellraza, my little brother, got a album coming out in a few months. We got a female artist named Lexxus you can expect shit from her. Nuttso’s album will be dropping in a couple of months. Everything is coming through Bayside Distribution.

For the people out there that haven’t picked up The Jerzey Mob compilation album what can you tell them that might make them go out and support the album?

Napoleon: If they watch 106 & Park and like that Freestyle Fridays, how niggas be gettin’ down, they gonna love “Jerzey Mob” cause its the grimiest niggas off the streets of New Jersey that came together and they just killed shit. All types of ages on there, young niggas and everything. They just came together and ate the whole album up.

What’s your favorite track that you recorded with Tupac?

Napoleon: I don’t got no favorite. Man, every song I did with him is my favorite. I love everything I did with that man.

What’s one thing that sticks out in your mind about Tupac that people who didn’t get a chance to meet him would never know?

Napoleon: His whole personality and everything about him, he was a shiny diamond. He was genius, he was a teacher. He was a smart man, he loved to teach and loved to help the lost souls. He was a genius, he wasn’t what the media and everyone made him appear to be.

You think Pac is watching you guys right now and is proud of what he sees?

Napoleon: Of course Pac would be proud cause we never gave up. Allot of these other artists gave up. You don’t here about Junior Mafia anymore, you don’t hear about them doing their thing. But we’re still out there grinding. We’re still in the game putting our own music out. Every time we drop a album independent we sell over 100,000 records. I know Pac’s looking down, and he’s proud right now. Cause everything he taught us, it took a couple of years for us to do on our own, but we’re doing it.

Any plans to tour soon?

Napoleon: We going out next month to do a Australian tour. We gonna do about ten shows down there and release a DVD over there. While we’re performing we’re gonna be filming for the DVD that we are gonna put out down there.