After seventeen years is back.

We’ve decided to bring back the old site as a foundation to build the future on, and to support not only Tupac’s legacy, but all the fans that have been inspired by his music and by his life. We’ve missed interacting with you guys.

Over the coming weeks you’ll see us slowly start to rebuild the old archive. We’ve already found some gems while digging through the crates, and eventually we will have everything restored, plus, release some things we were never able to share before. Check out the old interviews we’re cleaning up and restoring one by one here.

Our old message board, TupacBoard, is still up and running at, so if you can remember your password, we encourage you to log on and say hi, or create a new account.

In the process we’ve launched a new staple section, Pac’s Life. Tupac lived in a world before the 24 hour news cycle, before social media, and most of us weren’t able to experience his life in real time – not to mention the fact some of us were just too young to remember. So with Pac’s Life, we want fans to be able to relive key moments in Tupac’s life in real time, as they happened. We have chosen to begin the timeline in 1991, 30 years ago, when Tupac’s career began to take off. So keep checking back every day, and see what Tupac was doing, this time 30 years ago. We will run this all the way up until September 13th, 2026, 30 years after Tupac died.

To be honest, this approach also allows us to get everything up at a slower pace – we’ve all got lives and families now, and while we could have just uploaded a backup of the old site, a lot of the content needs editing, reformatting, and updating. Plus there’s a lot of new information o process as well.

We also know a lot of fans have done a lot of amazing things since we’ve last been online, so we want to help shine a spot light on those people inspired by Tupac, and post about them in our news. If you’re one of those people, or know one of those people, let us know how you’re keeping Tupac’s legacy alive, and if you want to get in touch with us for any other reason contact us here – if any of the old team members are reading this, we want to hear from you!

That’s it for now, we’re going to continue digging through the crates and restoring all the content we lost, and posting new Tupac news as it happens. There’s also some questions we want to answer about Tupac’s life, music, and death, but perhaps that’s best left for some future posts. For now, it’s good to be back.

Rest In Peace Tupac.


Rukas & str8ridah – or as we’re known now, Mike and Jon.