You’re getting this email because back in the day you were part of a message forum called TupacBoard, which was an off-shoot of a website called; the biggest Tupac Shakur fan community in the world.

We hope that you remember, and that the time meant as much to you as it did to us. For us it was a place to celebrate Tupac’s music and legacy, a place to make friends and memories, and ultimately shaped a huge part of our lives. Looking back on it, we feel blessed to have been a part of something so unique and special.

We’ve been offline for about 17 years and a lot has happened since then. Tupac would have turned 50 next month, and it’s been 25 years since he passed. I don’t know about you, but to us those numbers don’t seem real.

Has it been that long? And what is the state of 2Pac’s legacy?

The Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts has been shut down, and Tupac’s vision for the community has been all but forgotten. And don’t get us started about the music… a few slapped together, fought over projects that ultimately only served one purpose – to make money for corporations ‘Pac never cared about. No closure for the fans. No respect shown to his music – a lot of which just sits gathering dust in some storage container. And sadly, no hope on the horizon that Tupac’s legacy might start being handled with respect and passion again.

So we’ve come up with a plan. We’ve thought about how best to bring and the community back together for a number of years, however without purpose and a clear goal it just didn’t feel right. Well we have one now. It’s ambitious, but ‘Pac taught us to be ambitious and to fight for what we believe in, and we want to fight for Tupac.

We intend to buy the unreleased Tupac Shakur music catalog. You heard us right. We want to buy the remaining music, and release all of the OGs and unheard masterpieces to the fans, directly, no corporate bullshit, no hidden agenda, just 2Pac.

Along the way we want to raise money for charities that ‘Pac would have supported, and begin making a change in the world in Tupac’s name.

How? We’ve launched TupacCoin, a cryptocurrency we are using to raise money to purchase the estate. At the same time, 3% of all coins traded are donated to a blockchain verified wallet, which we then donate to charities every month. Another 2% is redistributed back to the community, meaning if you own TupacCoin, your balance will continue to grow, and the value of the coin will too increase. We’ve already had an amazing start!

It’s a lot to take in, we know, but please, if you want to support Tupac’s legacy, head to and have a read of what we’re doing. If you can support it in any way, we know we speak for the whole fan community when we say thank you!

TupacCoin is the start of a new era for towards a better future for Tupac’s legacy.

If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to us through any of the channels listed on the site, or through, and we’re happy to have a chat – like ol’ times.

The Crew.